Citroen C5 III – Chrome trim for the front grill

  • Chrome trim for Citroen C5 III on the front grill.
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Professional chrome trim for the front grill dumper for Citroen C5 III RD, TD Sedan, Estate 2008

We would like to present a product worthy of attention, chrome strip, on the front grill but also give a sporty and at the same time elegant style. Each strip is aesthetically made, which will significantly increase the prestige of your car. Ideally, it will fit your Citroen C5 III in every version. The super price gives you the opportunity for a small cost of light car tuning and minor visual changes. Think about this product because it is worth buying it.

All strips available in our online store have a special double-sided 3M tuning tape on the back. This tape allows very quick and very easy assembly in 10 minutes. However, if there are any problems, each shipment will be accompanied by assembly instructions in Polish, where you can get acquainted with the assembly method.

All CHROMY strips ensure cars:
– long-lasting gloss effect,
– high gloss,
– resistance to external conditions,
– chemical resistance, also for road salt,
– high precision of workmanship ensures a perfect fit and very good quality of use.

When buying from us you can be sure of professional service and instant contact almost 12 hours a day! You can contact from 8:00 to 20:00.

The given prices are gross prices and include VAT tax. Each customer receives a receipt together with the parcel, and if there is such a need, we issue VAT invoice 23%.

GUARANTEE OF STABILITY AND DURABILITY! – 2 years of written warranty!

If you have questions or doubts about the slat or other products presented, please contact our customer service department. In addition, you can also visit the frequently asked questions section – FAQ, where you will find more than 10 answers to your questions.

Upsss! This is not the CITROEN model? Nothing happens in our store you will find chrome strips for other Citroen models and for other car manufacturers. Check here on the home page of the online store.

See the chrome trim for the Citroen C5 III TD Estate rear-door or the Citroen C5 III RD Sedan also for the tailgate.

We wish you full satisfaction with your purchases.

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